Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Looking Back - Ben

I'm still looking through my rear-view mirror today.

This picture is Ben and it is a pretty typical vision of his childhood.  He was always doing something.  I'm not sure what this scene was, a boat, a train, a race car?  I don't remember but it captured Ben's spirit for sure. He was all about fun!

I think I probably didn't always stop to enjoy the moment enough at the time, but I am so grateful for these photos to take me back for a longer look.


Michelle said...

I wish we had lived closer together so I could have gotten to know your children when they were growing up! Life just sweeps us along in so many different directions.

Maria Rose said...

He is still all about fun!

Sue said...

Me, too, Michelle!

thats classified said...

Such creative and imaginative niece and nephews. :) Tina

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