Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayer Monkey Hats

A coworker asked me if I could make two monkey hats for her twin grandsons. They aren't actually born yet.  In fact, their mother is trying hard to keep them from being born too soon.  Each day they are NOT born is a great accomplishment.  Each day gives their little lungs a bit more time to develop and increases their chances of a healthy entrance into this world.

The request is for two little monkey hats.  When Maria and I make our hats for Wyoming Rose Boutique, we make them up as we go.  We just kind of free flow it, yarn sculpting.  It's more fun to us than reading patterns.  The trick this time is that since there are two of them, I have to pay attention so that I can make them the same.

I decided that while I crochet these hats for those tiny little boys I would pray for them.  You've heard of prayer shawls, right?  Well, why can't I make prayer monkey hats?


New Mum Online said...


I found your blog by searching "prayer" on Google plus.
Can't believe the post I have come to is about twins (feels right).
Would you like to join the UK Mummy blogging community on Saturday 24th November at 22:00 to pray for @MultipleMummy

Details are in this blog post:

Sorry to leave an unsolicited comment; I hope you do not mind.


Happy Elf Mom said...

My goodness. Hilarious! I was looking here to see, are they little Jewish kids being encouraged to pray with their sock monkeys, cute idea... ha ha ha!

Here's hoping they come into the world at the right time with a great big YELL! :)

EJN said...

I love the idea of praying while you crochet - I do that all the time. My projects are catty-whompus and off kilter but they're are improving. First, I don't know how to read crochet pattern, and second, I most likely wouldn't even if I did.
have a great day!!!! Super cute hats!

Maria Rose said...


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