Monday, November 19, 2012

"Grandpa, You're My Friend Boy!"

Maria and Eric and our beautiful granddaughters, Elise and Cordelia, came over last night.  We love that we have the opportunity to be around our granddaughters as much as we do!

Not long ago, while visiting at my Mom's a few hours away, Cordelia got two of her teenage cousins to play with her, directing them on a dinosaur hunt.  Not long after that I found a bag of little dinosaurs and sparked an idea.  I bought the dinosaurs so that we could start a new tradition at our house.  You guessed it, Cordelia goes dinosaur hunting.  Now, Cordy is a vegan so I want to make it very clear that when she hunts dinosaurs, it is not with a bow and arrow or a gun.  It is just about the hunt... just finding them.

So, this is how it works.  We all take turns, as directed by Cordy, either hiding the little dinosaurs or hunting for them later.  This is repeated over and over.... and over some more.  She really, really enjoys this game!  Mike got a little creative with his hiding...

Maria held Elise, who I think is anxiously awaiting the day she can join in.

A few members of the family were more interested in the football game than the dinosaur hunt.

I won't be naming any names, though.     

Mike is such a patient and fun grandpa.

I heard Cordelia say, "Grandpa, you're my friend boy!"


Michelle said...

Nothing beats the family times!

Allen said...

Family is the BEST, but great FRIENDS are a close 2nd..

Maria Rose said...

Oh yes, she had a blast! Always does.

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