Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Voice - My Review So Far

Have you been watching THE VOICE?  I don't usually watch those kinds of shows.  It just so happened that I ran across it the night a young man from our area was on.  I was so surprised!  I don't know if you realize it but there simply aren't that many people in the whole state of Wyoming.  There are just over 568,000 people here.  That's to say that all of Wyoming has about the same number of people as the city of Portland, Oregon.  Wyoming is the least populous state of all!  Wyoming is pretty large, so as you can figure, there is a lot of open space here with no people at all.  Because of this, we don't all that often see people from Wyoming on national television.

Anyway, the young man on THE VOICE is someone people around here know.  He used to work at Sears here and I actually think I remember seeing him.  I may or may not have purchased shoes from him.  So, I watched the rest of that episode of the show and tuned in again a couple of other times.  Although I am kind of an anti-reality show kind of person, I have to admit I am enjoying this one.

One thing I like is that the judges, at least in this first round, don't see the contestants when they first sing.  They are focusing on the voice, not the look of the person.  That seems like a good thing.

Another thing I noticed that is different with this show from some of the others is that they really don't have any contestants on who are without talent.  You know what I am saying!  Some of those shows put people on who have no talent, just so they can make fun of them.  That is just mean!  THE VOICE, however, does not do that.  All of the contestants have enough talent to have some sort of a career with their voice, even if it isn't super stardom.

The best difference I noticed is that the judges are kind.  Really.  They are kind.  Even when they aren't choosing to select a contestant to go further in the contest, they still validate their talent and encourage them to keep singing.  I appreciate that!

So, since I've taken it upon myself to write this review, I'm going to give it a lot of stars.  I don't know how many stars should be available anyway, so I'm just saying I give it a lot of them.  Go watch it if you wish, or not, your choice.  I'm just admmitting that I enjoy it.


Maria Rose said...

We watch it from time to time;it's on one of our 3 channels. Fun to watch talented people.

Sarah Purdy said...

I don't have cable so I haven't seen THE VOICE per se, but I've see Aquile - he performed live at KW this week. I didn't know any of his songs but I stuck around after school to help a student get a photo with him and he was very, very nice. His voice was great! I'd vote for him. Thanks for the review - I'll have to see if I can stream it online.

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