Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Back to School

About a month ago my friend, Donna, asked me if I'd like to take a continuing education course with her at our local college.  The class is "Spanish for Nursing".  I quickly decided to attend with her.  I based my decision mostly on the fact that I like Donna.  Later, I wondered what I was thinking!  I already am quite busy, I'm too old to learn a new language, I get tired more easily than I once did so why would I want to go to a class after a day of working? ... I started coming up with lots of excuses.  However, I wanted to keep my word so, when class started this week, I went.

I took this photo while waiting for Donna to arrive.   I always love back-to-school sales and a fresh notebook makes my heart happy.  At least I had that to enjoy.  Still, I was thinking I'd rather stay in for the evening, maybe do a little crocheting.  I wonder if Donna offered to pick me up to make certain I actually went.

As we arrived at the college, I couldn't help but notice a couple of very young looking students walking by.  Oh man!  I felt OLD!

We found our building and went on in.  I was kind of hoping to find a big classroom full of other nurses.  I was hoping to be anonymous.  That was not to be!  Donna and I were the first to arrive and the instructor visited directly with us.  In fact, only four people showed up for the class.  So much for anonymity!  

Our instructor, however, was wonderful.  She told us, no, she PROMISED us, that we'd be able to read Spanish by the END OF THE FIRST CLASS!  What?  That seemed like a ridiculous statement.  I instantly liked her, though, so I played along.

Guess what!?  By the end of the class we could all read Spanish.  I am NOT KIDDING!  The woman is a miracle worker!  I realize that we won't understand much of what we are reading but we can read.  What's the use of that?  Well, let me tell you.  Along with the class we received a big notebook full of useful information just for nurses.  We can look up a phrase in that book, maybe something like, "I am going to give you an enema now."  We can read the corresponding words in Spanish that are right beside the English phrases and the Spanish-speaking person listening to us will hopefully understand our meaning (and in this case be filled with horror!).

As it turned out, the class was actually quite delightful.  I'm anxious to go back!  I've been practicing some of the words and phrases from the first class and am hoping I can remember them when called upon.  This is a very, very interactive class.  I do notice that I don't learn as easily as I once did; I have to work harder and practice more to keep things in my memory.  Nevertheless, I am certain that I will get some of this to stick.  It's actually kind of fun to be working on something new.  I feel like I've stepped out of my comfort zone but that is likely a good thing.

So, tell me what you've been learning.  Have you tried a new musical instrument, new crafting skill or maybe a bit of a new language such as what we are doing?  Is it hard?  Is it fun?  Is it exciting?


EJN said...

I'm glad your enjoying your fiesta en tu clase! I like the question. I am trying to learn the guitar and I am piggybacking on Ed's lectures on Medival Lit. The Lit is coming a lot easier than the geetar. My fingers hurt, and I sound terrible...ah, well. It's not for public consumption anyway.
Much love to you Dear Susan,
Grace and Peace,

Sarah Purdy said...

What a great idea for a class! I would be a perpetual student if I had the time and income for it.

This week I'm learning how to insert a lifeline into the lace shawl I'm working on (I've made quite a few mistakes and now just need to rip out a portion and start over.) That way I can rip back to the correct row without losing all of the work I've done. It's scary and frustrating but I know it will be worth it when I finally finish it and can wear it proudly.

Maria Rose said...

I am figuring out the cricut!

Michelle said...

Kudos, Sue, for taking the class. It is an unfortunate fact that learning is more difficult as we get older--we aren't more stupid, the processor just runs a little slower because it is so full!

When I read with the Kindle, I love the dictionary function. I check up on a lot of words to get the precise meaning or pronunciation, rather than just guessing from the context. (Of course, I may be looking it up again the next time I run on to it, but eventually it will stick!)

Susan Struck said...

Sarah, I'd like to be a professional student who only audits classes... less pressure!

Maria, you have to show me what you are doing. Are you having fun with it?

Michelle, thank-you for your kind remarks. You are so right, the processor is a bit slower. I wish I'd had a Kindle years ago as I spout off words I THINK I know but really only ever read. My own version is often more interesting, though.

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