Monday, August 06, 2012

Paper Clip Necklace

Yes, I did it.  I made a necklace out of paper clips.  Is that too weird?  Well, take a look.  These were not ordinary paper clips but very COOL paper clips!  I bought them, not having a clue what I'd do with them.  One day I found my inspiration, creamy thread and a tiny crochet hook.

I picked them all up and went to work...

I used a chain stitch and hooked through each 
clip at two different places so that it wouldn't 
accidentally slip out the open side.  I just kept 
going until I felt happy with the result.  

I tied it off, added a droplet of 
super glue to the end knot and... 

Twa La!

I thought it turned out very pretty.

It has kind of a fun and funky look I think.

Then, I decided I may as well make some paper clip earrings.
They look lovely on my tomato plant so hopefully they will look nice on someone's ears.

I put it all together and felt mighty happy with myself.

Feel free to copy this idea.  Let me know what you come up with!
I'm so happy with it I am thinking of going to an 
office supply store to see what else 
I might want to crochet together!  
Or maybe a hardware store!   
Auto parts?

As your reward for following all the way through this tutorial 
I'd like to offer a discount to you 
When ordering, simply type the word DISCOUNT in all caps 
and you will receive a 10% discount on your entire order.



AKM said...
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AKM said...

So awesome, Sue! I would never have guessed that those are paper clips. Very hip! Heheheh.

Susan Struck said...

Thank-you AKM. I love making jewelry out of something unexpected.

Anonymous said...

This is really creative!! i would love to try to make my own. :) I've had such a creative block and I've been searching for some inspiration, this does help.

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