Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Be Brave Enough to Live Creatively

Mike got a great fortune in his fortune cookie recently.  It simply said, "BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO LIVE CREATIVELY".  Isn't that fun advice?!

I never really thought about how much courage it takes to be creative.  Think about it, though.  Start with fashion.  It is easy to just follow the crowd and wear what is popular and trendy.  What if you see something you like but it isn't currently in style?  Do you wear it?  I admit, I usually won't.  That's not to say that I only wear the latest trends but you know what I mean, don't you?  I want to fall somewhere within a category of "normal".

This applies to other things as well.  Have you ever seen any really funky furniture that you thought was cool but just a bit over the top for your home?  How about colors for your home?  What if you wanted to paint your front door grass green (I do)?  What if you thought a purple fence would be fun?

Let's talk about hair.  Way back when I was in junior high school I thought of a really fun haircut.  I've never seen it on anyone.  I'm too chicken to try it myself.  See?  I'm just not brave enough to live quite that creatively!  I even have a name for the haircut style.  I'm calling it the "terrace".  It's simply 5-7 crisply cut layers that go straight around the head like terraced rows, not blended layers.  Think rice paddies, only hair.

It would be quite sleek and not one bit messy.  I'd use a flat iron to make it look even cooler and I'd walk with my head kind of swinging to get a fun movement going.  Do you think it would catch on?  Too bad I don't have that much courage.  If I were a rock star, maybe I'd try it.

What would you do to live more creatively if you had the courage?  Do you think you will try it someday?


Maria Rose said...

I don't really have much fear to live creatively, but I find there are annoying obstacles...like resale value.

Pam Brewer said...

Now that I have to wear all gray everyday to work I find myself acting more creatively in other areas of my life. Gotta let my personality shine!

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