Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Times and My Big Fashion Boo-Boo

I have a few days off in a row and I am enjoying them!

Yesterday, Elise had her first pediatrician appointment.  While her parents took her for that check-up, which she aced, we got to play with Miss Cordelia.

One of Cordelia's favorite things is to walk to the river.  Grandpa had the day off as well so the three of us had ourselves a leisurely stroll.

Cordelia is wearing her great-great grandmother Rose's hat.  Isn't that cool?

Later in the afternoon, Mike & I went rafting.  I think I've told you before that we tie together a small raft that Mike rides in and an inner tube that I ride in.  I'm guessing we look a bit strange that way but it works for us.  It's peaceful and relaxing.

When we get out of the river we call Sam and he comes to pick us up.  Actually, he picks Mike up while I wait with our gear.  I just relax while Mike goes to get his man truck, left where we got into the river, so that we can load the raft and inner tube.  

I wear a swimsuit for the float, and it feels appropriate.  I remembered, though, that as I waited with the stuff afterward I always feel a bit awkward standing there in a swimsuit.  Today I planned ahead and actually had a pair of shorts along in a plastic bag.  I was very glad I'd done so as we rafted in town this time.  The spot where I waited was on a corner by a big welding/steel something-or-other place.  It was change of shift time so there was constant traffic.  I was so glad I had my shorts on!  It just isn't a good feeling to be in a swimsuit when every one around is in work clothes.  

So, as I said, I felt pretty smart for having my shorts.  I wasn't very wet, except for the parts of me that hung low out the bottom of the inner tube.  When I got home and glanced in the mirror I realized that putting on my shorts over my only-wet-in-a-few-places swimsuit maybe wasn't my best plan after all!

So, if you are local and happened to drive by and see me yesterday, please know that I did NOT wet my pants!  Quit laughing!


Maria Rose said...

Ha ha ha!

Anne Marie said...

Hahahaha!! Too funny to quit laughing!! :o)

Niqui said...

LOL!! Too funny


Victoria said...


AKM said...

BWAHAHA! Love it!

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