Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First, A Word From Our Sponsor

Wyoming Rose Boutique News:  Maria and I have decided we need to refresh inventory in our shop.  As a first step we have gone through and drastically reduced many items.  I'm not kidding!  We have lowered prices on many items as low as $2!  If there was anything you had your eye on, you might want to check it out.  

(I am really sorry that we no longer ship outside the United States.  We ran into some real problems, such as finding out certain countries won't let us ship jewelry, etc.  We also have had trouble shipping even just to Canada.  One package had to be shipped 3 times before it made it to its new owner.  That got very costly!  Anyway, that decision made us sad as we loved knowing our creations were landing in homes around the world.)

OK, now to my regular post...

Yesterday was absolutely lovely.  I am still enjoying what my friend, Pam, called grammaternity leave.  Maria and Eric brought their lovely girls to our house and my Mom and Aunt Michelle came to town.  Together we celebrated the addition of pretty little Elise to our family tree.

The Baby of Honor

Cordy and her Great-Great Aunt Michelle

My Beautiful Mother

The Handsome Family of Honor

Elise Enjoyed Her Party

Grandma Grace, Aunt Michelle and Elise Ione

Four Generations of Females


Niqui said...

Such precious family memories!

It's what life is all about (^^,)

Lotsa love

Maria Rose said...

I was so happy that they came!!!

Michelle said...

That first photo is The Most Perfect picture of Elise!

Victoria said...

Oh, the family pic of Maria, Eric and the girls...just precious! Not to mention ALL the lovely photogenic gals in your family!!

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