Saturday, June 02, 2012

Meet the Bloggers

I've taken to preparing posts ahead of time for when I am scheduled to work long shifts at hospice.  This is one of those posts.  I hope you are all having a lovely week-end, maybe laying around reading a good book and sipping on lemonade, while I am slaving away.  Sorry.  Putting people on little guilt trips just comes naturally to me.  The honest truth is I had several days off in the middle of the week while you were likely slaving away.  This post reflects on one of those days.

We are a bloggy bunch, me and my relatives.  Maria (daughter) has been blogging daily for years.  I was perplexed when she first started blogging.  Why would anyone do that?  Why would anyone want to give themselves a writing assignment every day?  And isn't it like writing a diary?  That's something you should hide under your mattress, not put out for the world to read!

Well, apparently we are a writing bunch of relatives as many of us have followed in Maria's footsteps.  When we were at the cemetery the other day four of us were together.

Maria, Me, my Aunt Michelle, My Cousin Anne Marie
Cordelia doesn't blog - YET!

Maria's blog is Little Things are Big.  She has been writing in it for years.  
I love reading it!  
She writes well and I enjoy seeing the world through her eyes.  
She finds beauty just about everywhere. 

My Aunt Michelle writes A Wyoming Woman's Thoughts.  Anne Marie writes Bits & Pieces.  
I'd encourage you to check them out as well.  They both write about family and living in Wyoming.  
They also have some great photos!   

When we left the cemetery that day we went on to have lunch with my sister.  

Guess what!?  She's a long-time blogger writing Living With Cerebral Palsy.  Her blog helps connect people who are handicapped.  It is also great for anyone who wants to better understand how a handicapped person deals with obstacles and overcomes adversity.  You will learn about real courage there!

So, if you have some time, know that you are invited and welcome to stop by their blogs as well.  Maybe you will figure out what's wrong with us; why do we impose writing assignments on ourselves?


Emily said...

I enjoy reading you blog and Maria's blog. Now I have some new ones to check out! Writing seems to be a gift in your family!

Maria Rose said...

Love you mom!

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