Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pounding and Banging

Well, we couldn't just relax now that the work is done for the time being on the inside of our house.  I'm really glad that I'm not working a night shift so far this week because with all the pounding and banging on our roof, I don't think I could sleep during the day!

Actually, we found out we had damage to our roof last Fall.  The winds here all too often reach 60-70 mph and poor little shingles can just take so much.  Apparently many others have the same problem as there was quite a waiting list for the roofers, and of course they couldn't work on roofs most of the winter here.

Although it is annoying, I am grateful for people who will get up there and do that work as I sure wouldn't want to.  Sorry, I was too shy to point my camera when the guys were up there.  Some of you may have liked that!


Maria Rose said...

How long will the re-roofing take?

Lisa said...

I'm sure you will be glad when that's done.

Anne Marie said...

Wow, you are going to have an all new house, inside and out!

Victoria said...

I never thought the idea of a new roof particularly exciting, until I needed one! How exciting!!!

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