Monday, May 14, 2012

I Don't Know Who Those People Are

I hope you had a great Mother's Day.  I realize it is a hard day for some for so many reasons.  I hope all women understand their importance as a female role model to those around them.  None of us know all the lives we touch.

My day went like this:

-Got up.
-Went to church.
-Sang for an hour of practice with our Worship Team
-Rode with Sam for a couple of hours to surprise my Mom  (more on that later)
-Enjoyed a phone call from son, Ben, from North Carolina
-Ate out with Mom, Sam, Tina (sister), Steven (nephew) and Stephanie (niece)
-Rode a couple hours back with Sam
-Stopped by to enjoy some evening time with Cordelia, Maria and Eric

So, surprising my Mom was fun.  I called her just before we got to her place and wished her a Happy Mother's Day.  My sister and her kids were in on the plan and had arranged a reservation for us to eat out.  Because we couldn't make it to town until 2:00, Niece Stephanie helped to keep my Mom from eating lunch.  Stephanie creatively asked to go browse some open houses.  They happened upon a little art show but the open houses were pretty slim pickings.  Stephanie then had her Grandma (Mom) give her a tour around town of all the houses my Mom has lived in there during her lifetime.  That took awhile!  Stephanie did a great job.

OK, back to my phone call.  I was still speaking to Mom when we parked by her house.  She was saying something and then kind of stalled out as she looked out the window.  She said to me, "Someone is coming to my house.  I don't know who those people are."  What?!  Well, as it turned out, she was looking at the car, not us.  Often I come up to her place in Mike's vehicle so maybe that was it.  Still, it was pretty funny.

Of course I snapped some photos to share with you.

I loved my day.
I love my family.

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Maria Rose said...

Your family LOVES you!

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