Saturday, May 26, 2012

North Carolina - Day 4

Monday was to be our last full day in North Carolina.  Ben and Sara had to work so we asked Sara to drop us off at her Park 'N Ride.  She sweetly stayed with us until we were securely on our bus heading for downtown Raleigh.  Mike and I both enjoy visiting historical parts of cities so we decided to make a day of it.

The first place we toured was the State Capital.  It turns out that most of the business of the state is now done in a nearby legislative building but the governor's office is still in the capital.  The rest of the building is kind of like a museum.  It was smaller than any capital I've toured but it certainly had a lot more history than capitals in the West.

You won't see a monument like this one in Wyoming!

From there we went to tour the legislative building.

It was a big, open building with a crisp, clean feel to it.  It was pretty and much more functional.

The Capital and Legislative Building are the top and bottom anchors to a big open square.  The sides of the square are the North Carolina Natural History Museum and the North Carolina Museum of History.  We also watched a movie, "Space Junk".  It was about all the garbage, such as old satellites, floating around in space.  It was quite interesting but it was dark and we were sitting still with 3-D glasses on.  There may or may not have been some napping.

We enjoyed the time together being tourists.

 Ben and Sara took us to downtown Durham where we enjoyed a nice dinner, followed by a stroll through an old tobacco plant now converted into offices, shops and restaurants. 

This last photo was taken not far from where we parked.  
It's kind of cool, huh?

So, we found North Carolina to be a really pretty state with a lot of history and character.  
It was a nice trip and we were so very glad to get to spend time with Ben and Sara.


Michelle said...

I've really enjoyed your North Carolina reports. Visiting North Carolina, where we have so many family roots and so much family history, has always been something I've wished I could do. The lush greenness of that state certainly contrasts with the prairies our grandparents emigrated to!

Maria Rose said...

Now it is their turn to come back for another visit here....maybe after they have another niece to visit!

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