Friday, May 25, 2012

North Carolina - Day 3

Sunday was our third day in North Carolina.  I guess you all realize that I don't post about our trips until after our return.  I hope you don't mind.

So, after going to church in Raleigh we enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Ben and Sara.  They took us to downtown Durham where we enjoyed a lovely meal at a place I think was called Otis and Parker's.  It was a charming little store and restaurant built in an old tobacco plant.  Do you call it a plant?  Factory maybe?  It was lovely and again we ate outside.  I love that!

After our lunch we walked around a bit then went to Sara Duke Gardens?  Oh my!  That was a gorgeous place.  Feast your eyes!

It totally cemented my love for magnolia trees.  Why can't we have those in Wyoming?  I'd read about them in books but I did not understand the magnitude of their beauty!  They are huge and the magnolia flowers are the size of dinner plates!  The best part is the branches grow in such a way as to form a big, open area hidden underneath.  I took many, many photos of one of the magnolia trees.  I'll try to hold back and not post them all.

Yes, I love Magnolia Trees!

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Maria Rose said...

I was sure taken with those trees when we visited as well.

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