Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love Notes on the Wall

I've been painting one of our bathrooms.  Actually, that bathroom has been torn up for weeks and weeks.

First, we discovered the shower was leaking into the basement below.  So, we set up for our plumber friend to fix that but decided to replace the whole shower stall.  We waited for the new shower to arrive and for the plumber to be available.

Then, the plumber saw that if we took out an upper cupboard next to the shower we could upgrade to a larger stall.  Our old shower stall was, shall we say, close.  As our plumber friend put it, if we dropped the bar of soap we'd have to open the door to pick it up.  Think about it.

So, they ripped it all out.  The first night I realized I could sit on the potty and look into the attic...

as well as the basement...

That was fun.  
You can't really tell by the photo but trust me, I could see into the basement and the basement could see up to me.

The day the plumber had the new shower installed he contacted a local sheet rocker person to come fix the hole in the ceiling where the cupboard used to connect.  There was some wait time until she could come.  As it turned out she was a single mom doing her sheet rock business after her day job so it took more than a week for her part to be completed.  She warned me ahead of time about that and I agreed to it so it was ok.

Anyway, now, for the first time in a long while, we have no workers inside our house on a daily basis.  So, now it is time to paint!  

 And, as is my custom, I painted a message on the wall.

It was a good thing I took the photo as no one saw it but me and Bode before I was ready to paint that wall.

I like knowing my little love note is under that last coat of paint, though.


Maria Rose said...

No workers in your house, but they are on your house! I wonder if they will shingle a love message?

Emily said...

We've decided any major home renovation takes at least twice as long as you originally think it will. Maybe even three times as long! :)

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