Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Tiny Rockstar

Sunday Cordelia went to Sunday School with me.  I may have mentioned before that I help teach the class for 3-5 yr olds.  Cordelia is only 2 but I figured she could hold her own there and she does.

The last 15 minutes of Sunday School all the classes get together to sing songs, celebrate birthdays, etc.  Last Sunday the group was making plans to do some special music at an upcoming church service.  The leader asked if any of the children wanted to play their instruments at the service.  Cordelia quickly volunteered to play guitar!  The lady was pretty surprised to have a 2 yr. old make such an offer.  OK, I was pretty surprised as well!  Cordy was adamant and said it many, many times. 

Later, Maria told me that Cordy was still talking about the "music show" and informed them she was going to play guitar.  Cordy went on to say that Grandpa would dance, Maria would play tambourine and I would play "bass or something".  OK, then!

Well, yesterday Maria decided maybe she should get Cordelia a guitar as she was still talking about it.  She found a cute little animal-shaped guitar at Target.  It has strings but it also has buttons that she can push to make some rhythm sounds and such.  It really sounded rather pretty!  She was so delighted; she started playing right away!

She just kept playing as we walked through Target.

She started getting her own style.  I liked it best when she was nodding her head with the beat.

She was still playing when we were at Bath and Body Works.

This little rockstar made a lot of people smile at the mall today!


Maria Rose said...

She decided later that her dad would play drums and Sam could play keytar (guitar+ keyboards= keytar). She also put on a show for her daddy.

Michelle said...

And she gave me a smile this morning! You'll have to let us know how the Music Show turns out. Loved the photos.

Anne Marie said...


There are definitely enough musical members in the family to form a band. They could go on the road, and we could all rock out with them! :o)

Tina said...

Does Grandpa play his guitar for her? They are going to have to play together too! Such a smart and cute little lady!

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