Thursday, March 01, 2012

Today is a BIG Day!

 Today Maria is having an ultrasound during which it is hoped that they will learn if we are expecting a grandbaby girl or a grandbaby boy this time! I am betting they will make the announcement tomorrow on Little Things are Big   That is so appropriate, too, as this little thing IS big!

It don't have a wish as to whether it is a girl baby or a boy baby.  Whatever they tell me, I am certain it will be exactly what I want!  That is how it was with Cordelia and as a matter of fact, that is how it was with my own babies.  Not having a preference, though, is not to say it doesn't matter to me.  It does matter.  I know it is more politically correct to try to be all gender neutral and all, but I admit I am not.  When I think of little girls I think of dresses and ponytails and such.  When I think of little boys I think of blue jeans and striped shirts and tennis shoes that make them jump real high and run real fast.  Don't worry, I realize that boys can have curls and girls can wear bluejeans.

I love that each littler person comes with their own little personalities for us to get to know.  When we were waiting for Cordelia, we did not even begin to imagine the quirky little person that she would become.  She is such a unique little individual and I am certain this next little person is as well!

I can't wait!  I'm getting excited!  I'd better pace myself a bit, though, I don't get to hold this child until July.  For now, I just enjoy seeing Maria's shape change as this baby grows.  I love hearing her say, "I can feel it kicking."  I'm so grateful for the new life that is already a part of our family tree.


Maria Rose said...

I am so excited. I woke up every few hours in the night...hoping that it would be almost time to hit the road for the appointment. Soon!

Susan said...

I knew you would not sleep well!

Anna said...

So exciting! :)

Trisha said...

This is wonderful!! Thanks be to God!

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