Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Grandpa is So Much Fun!

Grandpa, come over here.

 Sit right here by me, Grandpa.

 I'm waiting for Grandpa.  I just want Grandpa.

Whoa!  Grandpa got me, Momma!

 Grandpa is making me kick you, Momma!

 Grandpa is sooooo much fun!

I love that you stopped by to read my blog. I'm really grateful and pleased when someone wants to share my posts or photos. Please just remember to link them back to my blog. It's the right thing to do; you know it is.


Maria Rose said...

They are so sweet together!

Susan said...

Yes, they are! I love watching them play.

Allen said...

Grandpa's and Grand Daughters, I LOVE it!!

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