Monday, March 05, 2012

Wyoming Rose - Artisan Card Set

 I'm enjoying this new format for my blog.  What do you all think of it?  Each little picture represents a blog post, with the most recent being in the top left-hand corner.  I also changed the format a bit for leaving comments at the end of each post because I found that Blogger was having trouble with the other way and some folks weren't able to leave a comment at all.  I LOVE comments so I hope this works!

I do have one problem, though.  At this time, the template I am using does not allow for the little photos in the side-bar that showcased our shop, Wyoming Rose Boutique.  What I am going to try is to just do little posts about our shop.  Each of those posts will have a direct link to go to our shop storefront, as well as a direct link to the specialty item featured.  I hope you will take the time to check out our store!

Today I want to feature our Artisan Card Set.  My daughter, Maria Rose, is an amazing artist.  She doesn't settle for just making cool oil paintings and sculptures; she stretches herself to learn many different forms of art. Recently she decided to learn to do lino-cut cards.  I'm not sure how she does it but she does everything from creating the original design, following through on the production process and presenting the finished product.

This set includes half a dozen cards featuring botanical prints.  They can be used for any occasion as they are blank on the inside.  Give them as a gift or use them to surprise someone with a hand-written note, which has become a rare thing of beauty in itself.  Or, if you'd like, put them in 6 matching frames for a uniquely cool wall display.  The entire set is only $9... quite a deal for work done by such a gifted artist!

And for you readers that are local, Maria has a show at the local college that will be up this month through the 29th.  She was interviewed for an article in the Journal so watch for that as well!

My Wyoming Rose Boutique posts will NOT take the place of my daily posts; they will just be sprinkled in between.  So, if you haven't already checked out my regular post for today, please do so.  It has a picture that I thought was pretty cool!

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