Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting Ready!

Did any of you ever play "store" when you were kids?
I did.
Once, when we lived about 10 miles outside of a town in Nebraska, I had a friend with a real store where we could play.
Their home was on a corner and on their property was an old store, no longer in use.  There were some leftover items in it and even some old paper sacks and such.  We had fun playing and pretending we were business people.

That's kind of how I am feeling about this whole craft fair deal.
It feels a bit like we are playing "store".
We are going to set up our little space and make it all pretty and then sit there and act like store owners.
I think it will be just as fun as when I was a kid!

We're all set up and ready to go!

Since this is our first craft fair I have no idea how many items we should have, but I'm pretty sure we have WAY more than enough.  I'm too embarrassed to tell you how much we have but let's just say we've both been busy crocheting, making jewelry, etc.  We have more than you can see in the pictures.  It is truly an addiction but a fun and useful one.  You'll see some of it also at
 Wyoming Rose Boutique as soon as we get a chance to list it all. 
I'm kind of excited. 
Can you tell?

This particular craft fair is a first for the place where it is being held so I don't know if it will be well attended.  I was also kind of surprised to see that they are charging $2 for entrance.  Is that normal for a craft fair?  We already paid for our booth.  I don't understand how they expect shoppers to pay just for the privilege of looking at our stuff.  I don't like it but it isn't up to me.

 So, if you are local, stop by and say "hi". 
I'm sorry it will cost you $2 but we'll try to give you a
big smile as well.  You've heard of a million dollar smile?
We just offer the $2 smile.

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Maria Rose said...

Had a great day with you!

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