Friday, August 12, 2011

Peaceful Kingdom

After yesterday's post, I'm supposing some of you may be wondering what I received for my baptismal anniversary this year, and how it was tied in with the event.

Yes, I got a bag of Cheetos!

First, Mike said that I had to come up with a tie-in of my own.
I looked at the bag and  saw that it said it was made with
so I said it is because we believe in the

I thought that was pretty good given that I had to come up with it on the spot.

Mike then had me read Galatians 6:6 "Those who are taught the word must share in all good things with their teacher."  He then pointed out that this particular bag of Cheetos was family size...
So, I shared with him.

He also made some comment about being brought into the "peaceful kingdom".
OK, here's the story...

The first year we were married I gained an ounce or two and announced I was going to diet.
Mike, being the helpful husband, decided to assist me in my efforts.
When he found me eating from a bag of Cheetos, he snatched the bag from my hands.
I did what I had to do and tried to snatch it back. 
Cheetos are really yummy!
We playfully wrestled over the bag and in the effort I kicked at him. 
Don't worry about him, I wasn't even wearing shoes.
He was wearing cowboy boots.
I broke a toe!
Seriously, it hurt sooooo bad!

Peaceful Kindgom?
Sure, as long as you don't get between me and my Cheetos!

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