Saturday, August 13, 2011


I like to think that I am a flexible person.

I'm really not.

Even as a kid I noticed that I wasn't as "bendy" as other kids.

Thankfully, I did not pass this trait on to Sam.  Yesterday I moved the computer to a new desk as the old one was threatening to collapse.  The new desk is not really made for computers and is pretty small.  In fact, the front drawer has to be pulled out to have a place for a keyboard.  This is temporary.  
Sam was not pleased and complained that he couldn't sit at the computer with his legs crossed anymore.

Keep in mind that Sam is 6'3" now.
When he speaks of crossing his legs at the computer he doesn't mean draping one leg over the other at the knee like a normal person.  He means folding his legs in front of himself much like other people fold their arms across their chests.  He can still do this and reach his long arms around to the keyboard. 

Now that's "bendy"!

I expect he won't pose for a photo to help you get a visual of this but I did run across this old photo that kind of gives you the idea.


Kate Ware said...

Isn't that the lotus position in yoga? Yowzers, he is "bendy" for 6'3"!!

Susan S said...

Kate, I don't know what this position is, but I know I haven't been able to do it since I was about 5 years old!

Maria Rose said...

Yes, the lotus...he won't try yoga with me but I think he'd be a natural.

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