Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation for a Day... Installment #2

In yesterday's blog I showed you the beginning of our day trip through the Big Horn Mountains and beyond.  I kept making Mike stop to take pictures.  At one point he commented that he missed the days of film when I only had 21 photos available and so had to use them carefully.  On the other hand, he pointed out good shots for me.  He has a good eye!
So, after we left Meadowlark Lake we headed out the East side of the Big Horns along Hwy 16.  As we headed down we noted that there was some transitional scenery.  That is, the mountain vegetation was mixed with sagebrush and other prairie vegetation. 

 Then, we turned a corner and Ten Sleep Canyon was before us.... so beautiful!

The canyon seemed to go on and on.  It was lovely.  Eventually, though, we were out of the canyon and out to an area that had its own beauty but was really quite different.  First, we stopped in the town of Ten Sleep, population 304.  It was kind of charming...

We stopped at a place called "Dirty Sally's".  Mike went in while I walked Bode.  He came out with a cold snack, which was especially appreciated since it was 98 degrees!

I walked Bode around some more.  We stopped and walked Bode a LOT throughout the day but he only went to the bathroom ONCE!  Strange dog...he really doesn't like to potty away from home if he can help it.  Maybe it is because he saw signs like this one...  I'm hoping thye only meant on that lawn, not the whole town.

We continued on out of Ten Sleep just a few miles when we saw a sign to Castle Gardens.  I'd read that it was an interesting place with cool rock formations.  It was so hot we probably should not have gone but we were having an adventsome day, so on we went.  I think the only traffic we saw were guys working on the road.  Eventually they were far behind us as well.  Twice we approached antelope napping on the road!  They didn't look like they were expecting any travelers.  Can you see this one?

The scenery was beautiful, although very desolate. 

But this photo was my prize!

We made our way back to the highway and on to Worland.  I thought Worland was a sweet town as well.  We walked Bode around in a park where he again did not go to the bathroom.  We left Worland and made our way to Thermopolis.  I can't wait to show you those pictures tomorrow!  It is one of the weirdest places... with a very unusual (and smelly) kind of beauty!

Rest up!


Rodney Westphal said...

Very nice pictures. Looks like you had a good day.

Maria Rose said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Truly God's country. Take me with you...please? :)

Susan S said...

Nicole, it is so pretty. I have lived lots of places, though, and truly believe you can find some pretty terrific scenery in every state. Having a camera along helps me notice it better for some reason.

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