Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It Was Only a Matter of Time

"It's only a matter of time."  That's what my friend, Kerry, recently had to say about us getting a dog again.  We really do enjoy dogs, but after Grady died last summer, Mike and I  decided maybe we shouldn't get another dog.  We wanted to be relieved of the worry, be able to travel more easily, blah, blah, blah.  We didn't even make it a year. 

Meet our new family member...

He is a Hungarian Vizsla (pronounced Veeshla) and I think his name is going to be Bode (pronounced Bodie).  His name is not engraved in anything yet but that is what we've been calling him today.

Here are some pictures from Bode's first day with us...

Bode looking over his new yard.

Bode loving up on Cordelia.

Sam, just waking (he had attended an all-night chaperoned graduation party), finds there is another red-head at our house.  Bode snuggled right up with Sam and fell asleep.

Bode exploring the yard with Bumblebee, who was visiting.  Bumblebee was quite gracious but we gave her lots of love to be sure she knew she was still the princess.

So far what I know about Bode is that he is very sweet, he LOVES Bumblebee, He thinks applying a leash to his collar means he should dig in his heels and try his best to stay planted, he likes to chew, he sits on command, he is 17 weeks old, he likes to snuggle, his eyes and nose are the same copper color as his fur, he is afraid of stairs, he has amazingly silky soft fur, and he seems to be bonding with us just fine. 

I expect there will be days when we wonder what possessed us, but today I feel pretty content.  He's added a happy bouncy feeling to our household already.

Welcome, sweet pup!


Kate Ware said...

Awww . . . welcome, sweet Bode!! Such a handsome boy! I'm sure he will bring your household much love and excitement -- especially at 17 weeks! LOL! Congrats!

AKM said...

Uh, yeah...he totally looks like he's right at home already. ;-) Congrats to all of you and congrats to Bode for getting such a rockin' family!

Maria Rose said...

Thanks for letting me borrow him today!

See Jamie blog said...

You just can't NOT have a dog! When our old dog died a few years ago, we thought we'd wait a long time before getting another because we didn't want to feel like we were replacing her. But we didn't even make it a month without a dog; just feels unnatural!

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