Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Household Help

I'd read that Vizslas were smart.

See, he's already helping with the dishes.


Kate Ware said...

What a smart boy, Bode!!! :)

Maria Rose said...

He is soooo cute!

Raisel said...

My redbone, Ginger, does this and one of these days she's going to break the door and then it won't be so cute!

On another note, I was going to ask if Bode is a redbone but thought I would read through some of your posts and see if you identify his breed. I made the mistake of asking someone once if her dog was a redbone and received a haughty, "No, he's a VIZSLA" in response. She seemed quite offended that I compared my lowbrow hound dog to her fancy shmancy pup. I like my lowbrow hound dog!

Susan S said...

Raisel, that's funny! If anything, I am embarrassed to have purchased a purebred because I'm more about saving a pound puppy, like we did with our last dog. This little guy just happened to be in a pet store in the mall for MONTHS and I started to panic that he was losing his spirit. So, we "rescued" him from a store. I didn't know a Vizsla would be considered fancy schmancy either, shows what I know. I did know he was a hunting dog. No, we don't hunt. He's just going to be an ordinary very loved family dog! I'm sure we won't even pay the money to get him registered.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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