Friday, April 15, 2011

Taxes, Grout and Love

Our taxes are done!  Actually, I finished them last week but couldn't just be done with it.  I had to look them over some more, get them "Mike approved" and risk forgetting to hit that send button.  But now, they have been e-sent and even our estimated 1st quarter taxes for 2011 are paid.  I've done our taxes for many years now.  It makes me glad that this is one thing I can do to eliminate a worry for Mike.  I think Mike really appreciates that he doesn't have to do it and I really kind of enjoy it now that we use TurboTax.  (No, this is not a paid commercial for Turbo Tax...  but I'd do it if they asked!)  So, I don't know why I dilly dally so with taxes but no matter, they are done now!

Are your taxes done?

Now, to celebrate, I'm going to go chip out the old grout around our bathtub and redo it.  No, really that is what I am doing today.  I know how to have a good time!  I did it for Mike's shower already this week and told him that was part of his birthday present.  Actually, he's been so busy lately, meetings many nights a week, I figured I should kick it into gear a bit and take off some of the load from things he thought he should be doing at home.  So you see, even grouting can be an act of love!

There are so many creative ways to show someone you care, don't you think?  Grouting is mine for today.  Do you have plans to show someone you love them today?

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Janine said...

Wow! You sure are a go-getter special lady. I love that you are willing to do the not-so-fun jobs to express your love. That is love indeed!!! I am inspired to see how I can show my hubby so down to earth practical love today. I think I'll start by whipping up some flap-jacks. :0)

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