Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nutty New Friends

Well, besides starting a blog, I also decided to dabble in the world of Twitter.  It is a strange world there my friends!  You have to become adept at one-liners.  I wanted to do it to see if I could get more people to check out our Wyoming Rose Boutique.  I didn't really understand how it worked.  I thought I'd just write a line and the whole world would see it.  Aren't I sweetly naive?

Let me tell you what I've learned.  Yes, you can just type your one-liner and send it off, but likely no one will see it.  What you have to do is build up "followers".  To do that, you click to become followers of others and hope they follow back.  It sure seems like a strange way to make friends, huh?  And I thought Facebook was odd!

I found that close to 1/3 of the people I chose to follow would follow back.  Sometimes, as I read more of their "tweets" I had to, unfortunately, "unfollow" a few.  I try to not be a judgmental prude but I have my limits.

 There is a whole Twitter Language that I'm just beginning to learn.  Tweets are what the little one-liners are called.  The act of tweeting can also be called twittering, I think.  And it seems that those who follow you on Twitter are your "Tweeps".  If a "Tweep" "unfollows" you, it is heartbreaking.  You feel rejected.  It's a lot like when a friend in junior high decides they don't want to sit by you at lunch anymore.  But, you move on and just "follow" someone else.  Keep up with me on this stuff if you can.

Every now and then I find some really nice and interesting people.  Through their Twitter Profile (oh yes, I have so much more to teach you) you can click on through to see their blogs.  Some are trying to sell things but I politely take a look since really, that's what mine is as well.  However, I find some real gems among it all.  I'm following some delightful blogs now.  It seems strange to read about the lives of people I've not really met I suppose, but I find it more heart-warming than reading about the lives of celebrities and such.  I actually feel a bit more hopeful for our world. 

For non-Twitterers, here is what a Twitter Profile looks like...

The Nutter Sisters

@thenuttersister Shhh...she's napping.
Humorous Blog: Three sisters share a compulsion to reveal family secrets by way of clever entertaining stories. Enjoy! ~Helen

When you click on the link you go right to the blog of the profilees.  This is the blog
I want to introduce you to today.  I was drawn to it immediately because it made me laugh out loud!  I love to laugh!  Who doesn't?  This blog is written by 3 sisters.  You can actually pick up on their love and support of each other between the lines.  They are very, very funny.  I read part of one of their posts to Mike.  It was advice for women on how to manage the "man cold".  My man, of course, is not a bad patient.  I've heard, though, that some men are pretty mopey when ill.  Anyway, perhaps their blog is best read by women because when I read it to Mike, he told me they were "heartless shrews" and forbid me to read it again.  That of course, makes it all the more delicious!  You can find these ladies at but please finish reading the rest of this post before you run off.

These ladies not only followed me back on Twitter but they checked out and said nice things about it.  They offered to do an ad for us on their site!  AND, they aren't charging us for the ad!  Lots of sites charge pretty steep fees if you want to advertise on their blog.  I asked about a charge and there is none.  Here is the latest tweet from them: 
"It's so wonderful when nice people support nice people! Makes the world a happier place. :)"
I'd already planned to tell you about their site in a post, just because I liked it.  Now, I know they are not just funny but also quite sweet.  Please, take a look at their blog and click on "follow" if you enjoy it as much as I did!


Tina said...

What a wonderful post! I want to be their Tweep too!

The Nutter Sisters said...

I don't know what to say...wait I know, thank you!!!!!!! It's funny how sometimes you just connect with people. I was drawn to your store items, and then your cute daughter, granddaughter, and then when I read that you were an oncology nurse it all made sense. I don't know if you read "Happy Evacuation Day Jack!" but it tells the story (shortened version) of how I was diagnosed with Cancer while pregnant. Jack is my first and only and St. Patrick's day will alway be very meaningful to me. So, point being, oncology nurse's hold a special place in my heart. I will never, ever, ever forget getting chemo while Jack (only days old) sat in my lap. I LOVED that he always brightened the day of all the other patients--especially me!

So here it to a long future of friendship! It's nice when nice people get to meet...even if online. :)

~ Helen Nutter

Susan S said...


What a lovely note. Yes, I read "Happy Evacuation Day Jack!" I can only imagine the terror of receiving such a diagnosis, especially while pregnant! I can imagine you and Jack being the stars at your chemo clinic!

Yes, I also think this is the beginning of a long friendship! Who'd have thought? I'm excited to get to know you better!


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