Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Medals and Memories

Yesterday was not our typical day.  Mike and I ventured out of town to visit one of his sisters, Karen, and her husband, Greg.  They'd moved into a new home awhile ago and we finally got ourselves in gear enough to go see it.  We enjoyed visiting with them!

Karen entertained us showing family treasures.  I'll start right out by saying the most fun for me was seeing Carol's (my mother-in-law) old swimsuit, complete with ruffles on the hinder.  Yes, I said hinder.  Karen also had Carol's old square dance dress.  I had a hard time envisioning Carol square dancing but I'm not sure why that is.  She's tried a lot of things over the years and still takes classes on new things.  Carol is a very elegant lady and I suppose that is why these old items were fun to me.  I got a glimpse of her in another era.

Karen also had a lot of their Dad's military things.  George died way too early.  He died when we'd been married only 1 month.  Of course Mike has lots of memories of his Dad but they never got too far into knowing each other as adults.  It was precious to see Mike going through these things of his Dad's.  I think it made him feel a bit closer to him. 

Our son-in-law, Eric, is a curator at a veteran's museum.  He and Mike are going to go through some of George's military things together.  There are medals and other things that we know mean something.  Eric's head is full of knowledge of such things and he also knows how to do the research to find out more.  Mike is excited to show them to Eric.

Mike knows some of the stories.  I see the pride in his eyes when he talks about his Dad being involved in freeing prisoners from concentration camps.  If George never did another thing in his life, that in itself would've earned him hero status as far as I'm concerned!

It is rather a week of remembering veterans around here.  Eric has been working hard to prepare for the opening of a Vietnam War Veterans display at the museum.  Tomorrow is the big day!  We plan to go to help honor some of those who were treated with contempt when they returned from war.  They were given a job to do and they did it.  We need to thank them.  We're proud of Eric for all his hard work.


Maria Rose said...

Sweet! I know Eric is excited to go through those medals and put together a picture of just what my Grandpa did.
P.S. Did you get grandma's dress and swimsuit? I think I'd wear them!

Orange Paisley said...

Ha! No, we didn't bring those here. I'm sure you'd look darling in them, though!

Linda said...

Really like your blog posts, makes you stop and think. And you made me laugh with your "Just call" story, I would have joined you in the snort-laughing if I'd been there!

Jill said...

So great to have such amazing memorabilia to look back through! The swimsuit with ruffles is probably fashionable again now!!


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