Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ucross Foundation

Another fun thing we did when Ben and Sara were here was to tour their current art exhibit at the Ucross Foundation. 

It is cool that Maria and Eric are having a joint show. We were grateful for staff for opening it up for our family to have a private, guided tour.  

Ben and Sara planned their Wyoming Trip especially to be able to see this display.

Sam had worked a night shift the night before, but was up for the day with the family as well.

This barn is the setting for the art gallery at the Ucross Foundation. This beautiful, isolated setting is a place where  creative people can be chosen to come and use their talents to paint, write, whatever.  It really is a gorgeous place.

We met this golden lab puppy, who chased anything that ran.

After he took a mud bath, we had reason to run from him! 

A tree became the get away of choice.

Isn't that a tree that needed climbed anyway? 

And then this pretty lady joined us...

Later that day we went to visit my Mom, sister and Aunt.  It was such a wonderfully full day.  It involved a lot of driving through beautiful country on a lovely day.  

And, it was a day with all three of our kids together.  That does not happen often! 

I love them.

My babies...

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