Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grinch Party

We have a great group of adults at our church who give of their time and talents to provide fun activities for the kids. I have come to really enjoy these events. I love that they always have a Christian lesson. I love that they are multi-generational.

The most recent event was a Grinch Christmas Party.  The party started with a prayer, given by a young man named Bailey. He used to be one of our Sunday School students but now he is migrating into some informal leadership positions in our church. It is exciting to watch him as he continues to grow in his faith and to seek our God's will for his life.  Children  just love him and respond well to his sense of fun.

After the prayer, there was, of course, the reading of the Grinch story and then the crazy joy really exploded! 

There were fun activities such as  "decorate your own tree".  There was a place to make your own green slime, and to make Christmas ornaments. 

Adults were helping kids and sometimes it was hard to tell who was having the most fun.

( Decorate a little, eat a little)

There was"Who Hair" everywhere! 

There were Grandmas who had been run over by reindeer, 

complete with hoofprints in their backs.

The Grinch tried trio steal the Christmas Tree.

But, as the story goes, there is more to Christmas than the trees with presents.

Christmas is a time of love and caring.  BUT, that is where the Grinch story stops. At this party, the children were reminded of the source of all that love and joy and peace!. I Loved Dr. Suess but he didn't quite finish the story. 

The love, the peace.... 

The story is really about Jesus, the baby in the manger. 

This painting was done by a group effort, including two beautiful sisters, Natalie and Gabbie. I got to better know those sweet girls when I was teaching Sunday School as well. They are always ready and willing to do what is needed at church, often working quietly behind the scenes. 

There was also a chance for the kids to fashion clothing for some of the helpers. What do you think of their efforts? 

Mike arranged a little skit for the kids, using Bailey and David, another person I got to know better when I taught Sunday School. He is another kid always participating, always adding to the fun. They did a great job with their skit! 

We have some really great kids with active and engaged parents who bring them faithfully to church. Their parents work hard to teach them of God's love by their own examples. It shows!. There were kids there early, setting up, as well as kids cleaning up afterward. There were older kids helping younger kids throughout the evening. 

It was a fun night and I wanted to end by thanking the adults who set it all up. Thank you for making this a fun night for the children and we adults as well! 


Maria Rose said...

It was a really fun night.

Cindy said...

Wow, what a great party! So many fun things to do. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Sue said...

Yes, it was great. I am always impressed by all the prep work some of those people put into these parties.

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