Saturday, June 27, 2015

Inside Out

Maria invited me to go to the movie, Inside Out, with her and Cordelia and Elise. We were there plenty early to spend a few moments together before the movie.

Really, what kind of mother gives an innocent little sweetie rabbit ears?

Actually, the FUN kind I think.

As it turned out, it was really a pleasant movie. The characters were fun, there was lots of humor and it has an imaginative premise. Actually, it was one of the best movies I have seen in awhile!  Afterward, Cordelia told me today was one of the best days ever. She really enjoyed it as well.

So, grab a kid or two and take them to a movie. Or, just take yourself. I think you will enjoy it. I sure did! 


affectioknit said...

That looks like fun!...I think there are at least one set of rabbit ears in just about every family picture from my uncles were notorious for it...

~Have a lovely day!

Cindy said...

Beth and I saw that movie last week! We loved it too. One of my other daughters commented how it's a typical movie for Pixar (she LOVES Pixar - just an observation) in that: Toys have emotions, Cars have emotions... and now emotions have emotions! :)

elizabeth said...

hi susan!
it has been a long time since i've had time to just read "my" blogs and do some writing -
it has been fun reading here a bit this morning - muddy mountain looks gorgeous!
and i love how you love your family - you are a wonderful mama and grandma.
i hope your day is beautiful!

Susan said...

Yes, there are a lot of rabbit ears in our family photos. Photo bombing is also a favorite thing now.

Susan said...

I love that observation.... that emotions have emotions!

Susan said...

Hi there Elizabeth! I, too, find it hard to make time to read my blogs and to write on mine anymore. It is a sweet pleasure, though, isn't it?

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