Monday, June 01, 2015

Grandma Heaven

Friday night was a big event at our house. I had both granddaughters over for the night.

I went right from work to pick them up. I wanted to make it exciting enough that Elise didn't have time for second thoughts as this was her first time to spend the night here.

So, we started off with a trip to Taco Bell. 

I found it a challenge to get a good photo of them there.  Oh well. They were very entertaining dinner companions.

Cordelia had a special request. She wanted us to visit a particular park because she and I had stopped there one time when she spent the night with me.  Kids do that. They like to recreate special adventures. So, off we went! 

When we got there we discovered a large part of the play area was now a pond. Of course, I told the girls to stay out of the water. Of course, both went right for it! 

Still, there was lots of playing.

Which means lots of Grandma photo opportunities! 

After a walk/run, we went home to see Grandpa, read books and just be silly for awhile. 

We got all jammied up and the girls got into their little sleeping bags. They were pretty  excited... For about two minutes. Then Elise announced she wanted to sleep on the bed with me. That wasn't a big surprise, but then Cordy wanted on the bed as well. She was conflicted, actually. She wanted to sleep in her sleeping bag, but she didn't want Elise to get all the Grandma snuggles. 

We all got on the floor for a bit, the girls in their bags and me in between. I guess I was hoping they would fall asleep quickly, silly me, but my back started complaining first. 

So, we all got up on the bed, which was too small for three.  Grandpa came in to sing a good-night song! 

Cordy agreed to snuggle until Elise fell asleep, which didn't take long, then she crawled down to her sleeping bag. This all worked well.

It was 5:15 when Elise's little hand grabbed my face, turned  it toward herself, and said, "I wuv you, Gwandma."  Is that not awesome way to start a day?....a very early day? 

Cordelia slept on for another hour...

But Elise was ready to party! 

Once Cordelia got up, we made and enjoyed some pancakes.  Cordy learned she loves strawberry syrup, just like Grandpa.

At some point, Mike asked me if I was in Grandma Heaven.  Yes! Grandma Heaven... So much fun! 


Maria Rose said...

Oh man! We were just so happy to know that had such a great time!

Allen said...

I want to live forever in Grandpa heaven, or Grandma Heaven!

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