Saturday, May 09, 2015

Spring Gone Wild

I admit it. I have been watching The Weather Channel again today. Well, in my defense, I do believe it is one of the best reality shows on television and today it was really fun. 

One thing I enjoy about the weather channel is how excited the reporters get when the weather is all wound up as it is this week-end. They try to show their concern for those in the path of scary weather, and I know they are sincere about that. But it is fun to see how excited they get about the vortexes and the rotations and the different bright colors on the radar. I like seeing people enjoy their work.

I admit it; I like a good storm. I like them in the way I like a good movie. I want a bit of excitement and tension, but I also want to knew it will all turn out to be ok in the end.

The thing I like about BIG weather, like wind and such, is it really demonstrates to me the power of nature, and by nature
I mean God. It is a good reminder of who is in charge.

So, we have ourselves a bit of a weather situation here. It is May and we have snow. Yep, SNOW!. 

While that is not unheard of in these here parts, it certainly isn't our usual. Sure, we are all complaining about it but not too seriously. After seeing The Weather Channel and knowing others have tornadoes, tropical storms, giant hail and flooding going on this weekend, our sloppy, wet snow doesn't seem so bad.

Speaking off wind, though, that is always a powerful force here. Look at these trees by our church. They are permanently pointed East, thanks to our wind so often coming at us from the West. Oh well, it keeps our air refreshed.

I postponed posting more photos from our Minnesota trip because it seemed important that I report on our snow. Those Weather Channel people get me all fired up!. Thanks for reading, "weather" you wanted to or not.

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Michelle said...

Sue, this post did not show up on my Facebook page, so I am glad I checked your actual blog site. I always enjoy you blog!

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