Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cordelia's Astronaut Dreams

Cordelia is really interested in space exploration.  Eric has taught her a lot of information, which she happily shares, regarding the planets. He's a great Dad,  isn't he?

Cordelia will not only tell you the order the planets are in, she will tell you interesting facts about them as well. Remember, she is only 5 years old.

Well, recently Cordelia told me that she is not so sure she really wants to travel into space now. I asked her why and she told me there were two big reasons she might decide to not go.
   1.   Astronauts have to eat their food through a straw. Cordelia stated that she did not think macaroni and (vegan) cheese would go well through a straw.

That seemed like a valid concern to me. I felt she could overcome that worry, though. She could adapt.

Her second reason might  be an insurmountable problem for her, though...

   2.   "Grandma, they do not wear dresses up there!"

Yeah, that may be a deal breaker for our little granddaughter.

Did you notice the space  helmet on the floor behind her?



Pam Brewer said...

Parker is interested in space exploration, as well. He asked his mama, "Is North Dakota on another planet"?

Sue said...

Ha ha! He may not be the first person to ask that question!

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