Sunday, March 29, 2015

Little Girls and Easter Dresses

I had a very busy weekend, as usual... In a good way. I took a lot of cell phone photos!  I won't dump them all on you at once but you may want to prep yourself for a week of  photos.

So, let's start with Friday. I often work long hours during the week but am allowed to leave early on Friday if I am caught up. So, I started off by enjoying mall lunch with Mike, Eric, Maria, Cordelia and Elise.  

I don't suppose our funny little mall lunches look like anything special to anyone else, but I think we are making memories for our granddaughters... And ourselves. These little girls probably think all families meet at the mall almost weekly for lunch. Like most traditions maybe, it didn't start out as something we planned to do regularly. In the winter it was a place where we could eat and then let Cordelia run around, before Elise was even born. Somehow along the way, we realized we had ourselves a quirky little family tradition.

It is a weird little tradition, but it is our precious little weird together.

After lunch it was girl time!  It was our afternoon to shop for new Easter Dresses! No I don't think an Easter dress is an essential thing for Easter. I think Easter would come in all its glory no matter what we were to wear. However, our little granddaughters love dresses and I love any excuse to see them twirl and dance around in all their girly cuteness.

In the past, Elise was quick, very quick to choose her dress. She was very decisive and wouldn't be talked out her choice. Well, she now likes to take her time. She and Cordelia both pretty much wanted to see all their choices in most of the stores in the mall. They even enjoy trying them on, something I find a bit annoying for myself. It makes hair so full of static. Elise didn't care.

We shopped until I was about to drop. Admittedly, I do not have very good shopping stamina.

This is not the dress Elise finally chose, but it was my favorite.

I love Cordelia's expression here. This was the dress she chose but it was not available in the proper size.  As you can see, that news did not please her. No one can look as crestfallen as this little girl. Not to worry; she recovered quickly.

No, no spoilers here. Next week I expect to show photos of these sweet girls in their Easter best. You just have to wait! 


Download Software and Game Full Version said...
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Mary Lo said...

Ahhh, little girls. I don't know much about them but they sure are entertaining (and adorable!).

Maria Rose said...

Ha ha! That photo of Cordelia!
They are soooo excited to wear their dresses!

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