Saturday, February 07, 2015


Our second day in North Carolina was sooooo, so exciting! I had recently become rather fascinated with the Outer Banks. If you are cool and in the know, you spell it OBX. You needed to know that.

The OBX is a long, skinny strip of land that runs about 200 miles long. It looks like land that broke off of North Carolina and part of Virginia. It includes places you've heard of.... Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Hatteras Island, Rodanthe and more. It is somewhere I really wanted to visit and last Saturday that dream came true!

We had about a 3 hour road trip to the OBX.  We crossed some long bridges, including one over Alligator River. We saw lots of swampy places that I didn't want to wade through!

We stopped for lunch on Roanoke Island, eating in the little town of Manteo. Andy Griffith used to live in Manteo and so did my brother and his wife for awhile. That's interesting, isn't it? It is a charming little place. This time of year a lot of places were closed but we enjoyed ourselves all the same.

Our Oldest Son, Ben

Ben and Lots of Seagulls

From there we crossed more water to head toward our hotel in Kill Devil Hills. That is actually the name of a town. I read that rum or gin or something alcoholic was once referred to as Kill Devil. There used to be a lot of pirates in the area and there was something about the alcohol being hidden in the sand hills there.

Before we got to our hotel we stopped at a state park where we could wander through sand dunes. This was not far from the sand dunes where the Wright Brothers made the first flight. I'm telling you, we were surrounded by history.  It was a fun place to wander after having ridden in the car for awhile.

Our daughter-in-law, Sara, got a little ride from Ben. 
I'm not sure how he knew where he was going.

The rest must have done her some good as she was pretty light on  her feet after that!

 I love that Sara has such a great sense of fun and adventure!

It was a place of unique beauty.

 There were weird piles of sand.

 It was really a unique place.

 It felt very much like a dessert but when we got up high on the dunes
we could clearly see that we were on a skinny strip of land with
ocean on both sides of us. 
I loved it!

We had to stop and empty a lot of sand out of our shoes but we were soon moving on to our hotel.
I almost burst into tears when I went out on the little deck off our room and saw 
how close we were to the ocean!

That is exactly what I wanted, an ocean view!

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