Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Big Bites

We're so messed up! We live in a world where little kids are dying from lack of food.  Every day. Dying. Little children. How can that be when so many of us are worrying about our waistlines growing?

What got me started on this topic, you ask? Well, it was our spoons. We still have the same silverware we have had since our wedding in 1978.  Additionally, I have purchased some newer silverware to fill in for some that seems to have disappeared. 

Since acquiring this newer silverware I keep getting confused when I am putting them away. We have one of those divider trays with slots for the knives, the serving spoons, the forks and the regular spoons. Our newer spoons are so much bigger than their 1970 version.

The spoon on the left is one of our newer spoons and the spoon on the right is the 1978 counterpart. Isn't that ridiculous?

This is my conclusion. We are taking bites that are too big. This madness has got to stop!  We need to pass some of those bites along to others, those not getting their share.

There are many good organizations that provide a way to share food around the world. We recently had a guest in our home who was representing Food for the Poor. It is one of many organizations who are trying to benefit the poor. You can check them out at to learn more.  Mike and I also like to donate through Compassion International. You can read about them at .  

Those are two of the places we know of to help those with lesser resources. Where do you like to donate?

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Maria Rose said...

Since I am poor I like to donate my time at the Humane Society every week.

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