Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cheerleader Quilt

I am at my Mom's home today and I woke up to admire this pretty quilt. It was one made by my Grandma Rose many, many years ago. I love it!

As pretty as it is, the fabrics aren't typical quilt type fabrics. There is a reason for that.

Although there were five girls in my Mom's family, I don't remember hearing that any had been cheerleaders. Nevertheless, my Grandma was the cheerleader seamstress. I guess she made their uniforms for a long time. She was a talented lady. Anyway, this quilt is made from scraps from those uniforms. Grandma never left anything to waste! 

I enjoy anything that brings Grandma Rose to my mind.


Michelle said...

She was an amazing seamstress.

Maria Rose said...

Good time to be thinking about her.

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