Monday, September 01, 2014

Buffalo, Montana

Mike & I just returned from a quick Montana trip to visit Mike's Mom. It was kind of a quick trip and we spent much of it in the car but it was really quite delightful. Although Mike and I have made this trip many times, we decided that this time we were going to take some different routes and see some places we'd not seen before. So, on the way up we explored Buffalo, MT. There are still a few people who live there, and a church that is being used, but much of the town is fading away.

It was fun to imagine people from the past coming and going from this bank.

 I find I love taking photos of old, abandoned buildings.

I enjoyed looking around the area.

 Was this maybe the train depot?
What stories could it tell of people arriving and departing?

What a pretty little church, huh?

 Who do you supposed lived here?
When did the porch fall off?

 The school looked pretty good from a distance but closer up, a little sad.
Still, it was pretty easy to image kids playing outside or
 a group of high school boys trying to impress high school girls.

Maybe this place was someone's first home?
We especially loved the chimney.

Looking at all that evidence of days past is kind of neat, but also rather bittersweet. I think about the people who worked hard to build a life there, and now it is over. They may have descendants scattered far and wide who may not even know of this place or their roots here. It really makes me think about how short our time here really is, when considering the grand scheme of things... dust in the wind and all that.

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