Sunday, August 17, 2014

for KING & COUNTRY - an Insider Look

More about hearing For King and Country in concert this past week and a bit of an inside look at what goes into their songs...

Do you notice that there is a baby boy on the singer's shoulders?

At one point during the concert one of the brothers, Luke, told us of how sick he'd been a year before,
suffering from a digestive disorder. It was kind of hard to hear Luke speak of his digestive disorder. He told us that at one point his wife thought he might die. At 6'4" he'd lost down to 125 pounds! I, too, have a digestive disorder. Usually it is just discomfort and potential humiliation but in 2010 I had some complications and there was a night when I realized I had reached the point where my life was in danger. Luke spoke of his wife, nearing the end of her pregnancy, telling him he just couldn't leave her here. It made me think less about how I felt at that time and more about how hard it was on Mike and my family. I'll talk more about that some other time.

Anyway, after he told us about that he sang another song that I think will be coming out on their next album. At one point he went over to the side of the stage where his wife and baby boy were tucked out of sight. He picked up his son and finished the song with the little boy on his shoulders, looking quite comfortable to be there. It was not something I'd ever seen at a concert but knowing the story of how Luke had almost missed out on knowing that little guy... well, it was a tender moment.

I found this clip on YouTube and I thought you might enjoy it. This particular song was really moving to me and it was one they wrote during that hard year when Luke was so ill.

Now, please enjoy the full song.

I love the lines, "love like you're not scared, give when it's not fair..." Such good advice!

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