Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Charleston Neighborhoods

As I told you, we went to Charleston with our friend, Chad and Nicole, to attend a North American Lutheran Church Convocation. After that ended, Nicole and Chad moved to a resort on Mount Pleasant (just across the harbor from Charleston) and Ben and Sara (our son and daughter-in-law) joined us for a  couple of days. The day after they left, Mike and I set out to see a bit more of Charleston on our own.

We decided to take a tour in a little van around the town.  They were just lined up, many vans, and they left every 30 minutes or so. We purchased our tickets and were directed to a van. We waited a few minutes and looked up to see Chad and Nicole getting on the same van! Of all the vans tours that day, we ended up on the same tour! It was really pretty funny.

Anyway, this little tour was really very informative. We learned all about the wall that once surrounded the city. We saw so many beautiful homes, many that were several hundred years old. It was absolutely amazing to me to see how they had been so well maintained. They took such pride in keeping them historically accurate, it was easy to feel you were travelling back in time.

I wish I'd been taking notes so I could tell you about each of these homes, but I didn't and I can't. Sorry. I can tell you that one of them had a cannon ball go through its roof and that that cannon ball is still in an upstairs room!

You'll see a pink house that was along the harbor. It was said to have been owned by a dentist who originally chose the color to be that of healthy gums. Hmmmmm.....

We walked along the battery. People kept telling me we should see the battery and I admit I didn't even now what they were talking about. Well, it is part of that protective wall around the city. Now it is like a boardwalk along the harbor, with beautiful historical homes along beside. 

When we were first talking about going to Charleston, Ben told me he knew I'd just love going through the neighborhoods, looking at the houses. He was so right! I think I will just let you browse through my photos of some of those homes. Sorry that I had to take them through the van windows, sometimes on the move. You'll get the feel for the neighborhoods, though, anyway.

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Wow! Looks gorgeous!

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