Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Slumber Party With Mom

Tonight I get to have a slumber party with my Mom! I am going to drive a couple hours to her town and pick her up. We will then drive a couple more hours to a city where we will likely have a nice dinner. I've made a reservation at a lovely hotel. I think she will like it!

It will be nice to spend time with her.  I really love my Mom!

We probably won't be too terribly relaxed, though. You see, this isn't a leisure trip. Mom has surgery tomorrow morning. I wish she didn't have to but I'm also grateful this day has finally arrived.  It took a long time for her to receive her diagnosis and more time yet to get to this day so she could take action on her own behalf.

I feel honored that I get to have this small role in helping my Mom as she deals with all this. My brother and my sister have been available to her as well. My sister will be keeping Mom's church family informed and praying. My brother will be easing Mom's worries over her pets. We will all be seeking opportunities to do things for her but we wish we could do more. We wish we could take some of this load from her. What we can do is keep her aware that she isn't doing this alone!

I am feeling grateful, also, for all the strangers who are helping her. Today I am very grateful that there are people willing to learn to be surgeons. I'm grateful for all the hours and practice that has brought my Mom's surgeon to this day where she feels confident that she can help my Mom.

I am grateful for all those who have studied cancer, promoted research and donated time and money to the effort of saving lives.

Tomorrow we will meet nurses and other caretakers who will be helping my Mom. They will be assisting her on this mission to getting her back to good health. For this, I am grateful as well. They will be rewarded by getting to meet this classy, courageous woman.

It feels weird to me to be on the other side of all this. It won't be me starting this patient's IV. I won't be taking her vital signs or giving her medication. It won't be me explaining to her what she will be experiencing tomorrow. But, it will be me waiting during the surgery. It will be me calling family afterward to assure them she is doing will. I will post to Facebook for relatives and my Mom's friends. It will be me making sure she asks for pain meds, a drink or whatever she needs. It will be me representing her family and all the love they are sending her way.

As family, I find myself already wishing those who take care of her knew her better. It seems they should be told of all her kindnesses, of her strength, of her artistic talent, how she makes the best stuffing, how she makes her yard and home look like something out of a magazine, how she gave up so much of herself for those she loved. I suppose it is not necessary that they know all that. Why do I want them to know these things?

I'm kind of rambling now, aren't I?

Iff you are the praying type, maybe say a prayer for my Mom tomorrow. Her name is Grace.


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Thoughts and prayers with all of you, especially our dear Grace. She has shared her experiences with all of this on our Nutrisystem forum. May God hold her in his arms.
Mary Lou

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