Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My Mom thinks I am too busy. You be the judge...


Up before 6:00 a.m. and worked a bit on reading information in preparation for a Board Meeting.

At work by 7:45 and spent the morning working. That's what they pay me to do so that seemed right.

11:45-1:00 A long lunch with Maria, Cordelia and Elise. I may be busy but much of it is delightful.

1:00-5:00 Worked some more.

5:20 Home to find that Mike had returned from Montana!  Yay! I was happy to cook supper so we could have a meal together.

6:10 I dashed out the door for a 6:30 Policy and Procedure Meeting. I am on the Board of the local pregnancy resource center and have volunteered to be on several committees.

7:30 We had a full board meeting after our committee meeting. I really enjoy these meetings with these people. Part of last night's meeting involved our accountant going over the financial/tax exempt side of things. It is pretty dry but our accountant loves accounting and it is fun to see her all excited about all those reports.

9:ish I was home for the night!  Yay!

All of my days are not quite that busy but it I admit that I often find myself thinking something like, "After such-and-such things will slow down around here." It really doesn't. I'm no different than everyone else. While I do think I let myself get too busy, it is hard to think what I should cut out of my day. Do the rest of you have this situation as well?

So, since I've not had time to come up with a meaningful post, I will leave you with another chuckle...


Lisa said...

If you are busy doing things you enjoy doing you aren't too busy. It's true that no one says "I wish I'd worked a bit more." on their death bed. But no one says "I wish I'd have stayed home and blogged more." either. It's okay to be busy.

Marie Roxanne said...

It's okay to be busy if you are not exhausted at the end of it all. Be busy in what matters to you and you will be happy.

Susan said...


Sue said...

Ha! That made me chuckle. You are right! No one would wish they'd stayed home to blog more.

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