Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Ordination Celebration Part 3, Alamogordo

...continuing with the presentation from last Sunday...

Mike's next call was quite a surprise to us as we ended up in Southern New Mexico...Alamogordo. Although we were flown down there for Mike's interview, we were back in Montana when he was offered the position. We couldn't really afford to go back to house hunt so we had a member from that new congregation go with the realtor to pick out a house. We bought the house our new friend and the realtor agreed on. We didn't actually see it until we moved down there!

There Mike perfected the fine art of coffee time with the quilting ladies every Thursday morning. You'd be surprised at how much pastoring occurs during quilting time.

Mike turned 40 when we were in New Mexico. One of my favorite memories is the HUGE turnout for his 40th birthday party. We totally pulled off a big surprise party.

Over the years, Mike has had to balance his family with his work with his need for solitude.

Sometimes, his family time and work time merged. While in Alamogordo we found our son-in-law, Eric.

It meant a lot to Mike that he was able to walk the bride down the aisle then turn around and perform their wedding ceremony.

Mike even had times when he got to preach to his own mother and sisters.

I included this photo just because he looks so handsome, don't you think?

Mike's quiet leadership and thoughtful insight made him loved by many.

This was a sweet day. Mike and our two sons were serving together.

These two ladies were special in their own ways to our whole family. Actually, they were characters!

It is a bit bittersweet to look at this photo as both of them have since died. We know, though, that we will see them again.

New Mexico was a good place for Mike. I love this photo!

...to be continued...


Allen said...

I can hardly wait for the celebration part 4

Sue said...

It seemed weird to have this celebration when you were gone, Allen. Hopefully, this little series will make you feel as though you were present.

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