Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Walking Over Cars

As I said the day before yesterday, I fulfilled one of my dreams Saturday. OK, maybe it wasn't your typical dream, but a dream is a dream.

What I asked Cordy was if she wanted to walk over cars. She was very, very nervous and perhaps thought I was trying a bit too hard to be a cool grandparent.  I wish I could have seen into her brain as she envisioned me jumping from car top to car top, maybe with Elise on my hip and hanging onto Cordy's hand?!

I asked Cordy what she thought it would be like to walk over cars. She said she was afraid the cars would be too far apart for her.

I loaded the girls back up and off we went. On the way, I told Cordy that we weren't going to walk ON cars, just walk OVER cars.

And we did.

For some ridiculous reason I love pedestrian overpasses and I wanted to share that with the girls.

Yes, it was a windy day, but it was quite warm.

Elise was really thrilled to look down at the cars.

It was as wonderful as I'd hoped!
Dreams are even better when shared.

And best of all, from up there Cordy and I spotted another park we've not yet visited.
Now we have a destination for our next day together!

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