Monday, May 05, 2014

Twy it Dwamma!

I just had a lovely afternoon on Saturday. I had both Elise and Cordelia with me and I was determined they have a fun time. Mike is the fun one, but he had to do a funeral. Nevertheless, we had a great day.

I went to their home just before lunch. Their parents were headed off to an art workshop. We stayed behind and played for awhile with some new toys they'd picked up at our church's garage sale. Cordelia plays just like her Momma did at that age. The most common phrase heard was, "Let's pretend that..." She'd tell me what my character was to say and think and do, as well as what her character and Elise's character was to say and think and do. After awhile I did mention that I'd like to use my own imagination for mine. I really didn't but it seemed like I shouldn't let her boss the whole show. She was ok with that.

Soon, we spilled out their backdoor and played there. Those girls sure do love being outdoors!

As we discussed our plans for the day, Cordelia asked if we could go to the Science Zone and soon Elise was shouting, "Sizone! Sizone!" She was ready! So, off we went.

The Science Zone is in the basement of a local furniture store. I hadn't been there before but the girls go with their parents so they were excited to show me around.

Elise is really tiny but she plays like a big kid.
Oh, they had so much fun!

There were a lot of fun things to see and do!

After spending an hour or so at the Science Zone, Cordelia and I agreed we needed to make a run to Sonic for a cool drink. Sonic is on the other side of town and my evil plan was for Elise to fall asleep in the car, thus accomplishing  her refreshing nap. She chattered all the way there, though. So, she got an apple juice, Cordy ordered a bubblegum slushy and I had an ocean water. Thankfully, an ocean water involved a blue coconut flavoring and NOT salt water.

Our next stop was a playground. Cordy hollered for me to help her here but all I did was stand by. She was surprised to learn that she could climb down herself now.

Elise love, love, loved the curly slide. I loved watching her go down all by herself. It was actually a very slow slide, no matter what her hair is doing in this photo. It was a windy day.

Every time Elise got to the bottom she'd jump off and call out to me, 
"Twy it, Dwamma! Twy it!"
Is that not adorable?
So, of course I went down the slide a lot as well...all by myself!

We had one more stop before heading back to their house. It was a stop to fulfill one of my own dreams. I'll pull together the photos of that and show them to you tomorrow. Here's the hint I gave Cordy, though. I asked her if she wanted to go walk over cars!


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