Sunday, May 11, 2014

Forever Grateful

This photo is nearing two years old, but I love it so much! That is my mother with my granddaughters! She is so beautiful, don't you think?  Well, what you see is just the surface. She is even more beautiful on the inside!

I will forever be grateful that this woman is my mother. She protected my childhood, encouraged my independence, supported my endeavors and always, always, always made me feel loved.

But I am just one person. Mom managed to pour out this unconditional love into all her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. It doesn't matter which she is talking to, but they all know she finds them delightfully special.

This woman taught me to be a mother.  More than that, she taught me to be a woman. By her example I learned a woman can be strong yet compassionate.  I learned a woman can fully support other's interests while still nurturing her own talents. It is also through my mother that I learned of God and the gift of faith offered to me. This is the gift that is the backbone of my life.

I will forever be grateful for the legacy she has passed on to me, the legacy of love, compassion, generosity and most importantly, faith

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Michelle said...

Wonderful photo, wonderful tribute.

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