Friday, May 09, 2014

Dandelion Sweetness

Mike & I enjoyed some time with the little granddaughters last evening. We took them for a walk around the neighborhood and found ourselves transported back in time.

Maybe you don't realize that this scene could have been taken a generation ago. We kept chuckling as we watched Maria I mean Cordelia trying to "herd" her younger sibling. It involves lots of sweet talk and grabbing of the younger siblings hand. We saw it so many times before. It serves to make older sibling feel like they are leading the younger one, even though the younger one is off on a mission of his/her own. It's main purpose, though, is to keep the younger sibling safe. Are firstborns always the worriers?

Elise didn't mind.
She was all smiles.
She said, "I'm happy!"
A couple of times 
last night she 
also said, 
"I'm so excited!"

Cordelia teaches her little sister the important things,
such as collecting rocks
and picking dandelions.

Receiving a handful of dandelions from a little SpiderGirl is the
epitome of the sweet life, my friends.

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