Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not Staged

I took this photo recently, simply because Miss Betty Sprinkles looked funny the way she was stretched out.

There seems to be a lot going on, though, besides a funny dog position. To the right, you will see Cordelia's head. I guess she was stretched between our two recliners...don't know why.

The best, though, is when you notice Maria has her nose plugged.  Apparently Miss Betty Sprinkles was feeling very much at home and relaxed. Yep...she'd just tooted.

What kind of person writes a post about a tooting dog?!


Maria Rose said...

She had terrible gas!

Valerie Van Voast said...

I'm interested in the name of the dog. Don had a teacher named Betty Sprinkle. Coincidence?

Susan Struck said...

It is a coincidence, although I've heard since about the teacher. This is Maria and Eric's dog and her name was a combination of what Eric wanted to name her, which was Betty Photon, and Sprinkles, which was Cordelia's choice. I think Photon is still there in the middle, but I don't hear it much.

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