Monday, April 14, 2014

Frosting Inside and Out

Yesterday was not a very spring-like day here. Or maybe it was. Spring often looks like this around here. No matter that we think Spring should be all fresh green and growing things. Well, we do have some of that but yesterday it was covered, frosted with snow.

We had padded seating, complete with good lumbar support, on our deck.

Nevertheless, we had a nice little family celebration last evening in honor of Mike's birthday.  One of the things my husband really likes for his birthday is for me to make cupcakes in ice cream cones. He remembers his Mom making them when they got their first microwave oven. The texture of cake and ice cream cone together is not a big thrill for me but he likes it. So, here is how I made them...

I used an ordinary cake mix but since Maria and Eric and girls are vegan, I needed to avoid the use of the eggs called for in the cake directions. No problem. I keep egg replacement on hand.

 It is easy to use. 
It tells you right on the box how much powder to mix with a small amount of water, 
based on how many eggs you are replacing. Mine called for three eggs.
I mixed the replacer up then added it to the cake mix.

 I put the cones in my mini muffin pan.
They fit just right.
I filled them up, not all the way to the top, though.
I made that mistake before and it makes a big mess!

 Don't tell Mike, but I put them in the oven.
It is tedious to do them one at a time in the microwave
and I don't usually get them quite right.
As you can see they don't really turn out quite
right for me from the oven either.

 That is what frosting and sprinkles are for!
I opted to skip the sprinkles on a few of them and sprinkled on sea salt instead.
THAT was a moment of genius if you ask me!

 When it came time to serve them, 
I decided to carry them to the table while they 
still stood in the muffin tin.
It seemed like a good idea 
but I didn't get more than a few inches 
off the counter before nearly 
every one of them tipped over! 
Some ended up on the floor!
They'd become quite top heavy!

Then, instead of crying, I 
went over the edge, 
meaning I laughed so hard I
could barely breathe!

Eventually, I stuck a candle in one and brought it to my dear man
for the song-singing/candle-blowing/wish-making moment.
It was all good.

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Anonymous said...

Did that make you feel older Mike, or just proud....Happy B/D...

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